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The Quilters' Travel Companion is
the best authority for quilt shops, quilt shows,
retreat facilities and quilt guilds in North America.

22 Years of helping brick and mortar stores get their name out to the public.

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Know before you go.

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      Since 1992 it has been our goal to bring you an easy and complete guide and/or directory to find quilt shops in the US and Canada. We've done the work for you by arranging the shops geographically so that shops in the same area have their ads close to each other for easy comparison. Every ad lets you know what the shop carries and includes a map that will guide you to their front door. We love the brick and mortar shops and want to support them.

Here's what we offer:

  • Over 1100 quilt shops have opted to have their ads on our site.
  • For complete listing of over 3500 shops and ads for over 1750+ of these shops you may want to consider getting a copy of our book. Click HERE to order the current edition.
  • We post changes to our website weekly and then every 6 months we gather all the changes in a newsletter. This newsletter is free to email addresses. Be sure to sign up above for the Up-To-Date Newsletter.
  • Over 1200 quilt shows listed for free. Make sure we have yours. We also offer show flier links and show ads for a minimal fee.
  • Over 200 retreat facilities listed to host your next retreat.
  • Check out our quilt guild listing found only on our website.
  • Also be sure to visit our Quilters' Gift Shop online site with over 2300 gifts with the quilter in mind.
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