About Us



In 1987, Audrey Anderson founded Quilters' Travel Companion as the very first book to help quilters find quilt shops.

In 2012, Kyle Heath acquired QTC and grew the company and the website.

In 2014, Sam Loudon took over publishing as Kyle moved the website to top rankings.

In 2019, QuiltingHub acquired QTC and added it to the QuiltingHub Network to increase the value to the advertisers and reduce advertiser editing efforts. Add a listing once and it appears everywhere for little to no cost.



Since the Quilters’ Travel Companion is updated continuously, the website is now the authority on quilt shops in North America. It remains the go to place to find quilt shops, sales, shop hops, shows, and retreat facilities.

Because of constant updates, high printing cost, sinking book sales, and record quilter usage of the website; the books are out of production. We are looking into options such as e-books.



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Guilds are free, retreat facilities are $3 to $8/month, quilt shops are $8/month.

No additional fees for events. Unlimited number of events.